What Does My Data Mean?

A guide to understanding the data products of your DroneDeploy maps.

After you upload your imagery to DroneDeploy, our powerful processing software removes distortion and stitches individual photos together to create georeferenced mosaics.

Below is an explanation each of the layers of your DroneDeploy map:

Plant Health: NDVI layers
3D model

Layers vary by plan

For more information on what data layers are available with each DroneDeploy plan, please see here.

Exploring Data

Below is a brief overview video showing how to explore different map layers and use tools like annotations and measurements.


You can think of the 2D orthomosaic map as a birds eye view of your area of interest.

2D map example, with annotations tools emphasized.

2D map example, with annotations tools emphasized.

Making the most of your map

The cropping and annotation tools, shown in red above, allow you to edit your map, measure distance, area, and volume, or make notes for later reference.

NDVI Layers

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is a respected index for assessing vegetation health. If imagery is taken with a compatible camera, each pixel is assigned a color value within a range based on the formula that measures the relationship between bands of light. For more information, please see our explanation of NDVI Cameras for Drones .

For this reason, the example map in this section is different from the other maps on this help page. This map was featured as a case study in our blog post "Agriculture Drones Bring Big Value to Potato Growers."

NDVI on non-Near Infrared imagery

Plant Health, DroneDeploy's NDVI layer, is automatically generated on all Pro, Business, and Premier (formerly Precision) accounts. This includes free trials of the Pro plan. However, unless your data was captured using a camera modified to capture near infrared light, this layer will be a representation of NDVI. Though not a true NDVI map, this can give an overall impression of differences in vegetation vs. inorganic material such as roads or buildings.

Plant Health

Analyzing your NDVI Data

We've developed the Plant Health layer to intelligently display your data for informed decision making. Please see here for an explanation on how to use these tools and read this map.


Please see here for a full explanation of the Elevation toolbox.

3D Model

3D models give you a different perspective on your area of interest and are a great visualization tool.

Image Capture for 3D models

Incorporating imagery from different angles is crucial for producing good quality 3D models. See our 3D modeling guide here.

What Does My Data Mean?

A guide to understanding the data products of your DroneDeploy maps.