How to troubleshoot internet browser issues


You are having a problem loading the 3D model, Orthomosaic (2D map), Base Layer map, Plant Health, Elevation or Map Export.


I can't view my maps

  • Change your browser to Google Chrome or Firefox if you're not already using them.
  • If you are already using Chrome or Firefox, please try resetting your browser, or updating to the latest version.
  • Clear your browser cache & cookies data (you do not need to clear the browsing history).
    Please see here for instructions:
    Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox

I am unable to export my map

If your subscription supports exports and you are having trouble exporting a map, please try the following:

  • Refresh the page. Sounds simple, but it can help clear out old settings.
  • Clear the cached data in your browser.
  • Restart your browser.

Updated 9 months ago

How to troubleshoot internet browser issues

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