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Add Your Logo to DroneDeploy

If you've already V2: Create an Organization] in DroneDeploy, you can add your own branding. Doing this will give your maps a consistently branded look and feel. It also looks great on printed maps and client-facing presentations!


Co-Branding Availability

DroneDeploy's Business and Enterprise users have the ability to upload their company's logo into DroneDeploy.

Step 1. Upload a logo

Inside your Organization settings, choose a logo. This can be done when initially naming your Organization or at a later time.

Your logo must be a PNG file. Since the logo will be overlaid on your maps, ideally it will have some transparency:

Wait a couple of seconds for the upload to complete, and you'll see the section change. You can also replace your logo if you don't like the way it looks:

And your logo appears up in the top right

Step 2. View your logo on a map

From now on, any maps you or members of your organization create in DroneDeploy will have your company logo overlayed on top.

Updated 11 months ago

Upload your company logo

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