Uploading Pre-Processed Data

With GeoTIFF uploading, you can take pre-processed orthomosaic maps and upload them into DroneDeploy so you can easily host, view and share those maps. You'll also be able to use our tools like Plant Health and annotations.

To upload your existing GeoTIFFs, please follow the instructions below:

Uploading Pre-Processed GeoTIFF maps:

Uploading GeoTIFF to DroneDeploy

Uploading GeoTIFF to DroneDeploy

Pre-Processed Geo-TIFF Map Limitations

Your GeoTIFF must be properly geotagged. Maps processed from GeoTIFFs do not include elevation data so certain features like volume measurements, 3D modeling and certain export types are not available.

GeoTIFF upload limit

Currently, uploading GeoTIFF is limited to 1GB in size.