Troubleshooting for Inspire

Common issues and suggestions for using the DroneDeploy mobile app.

Below is a guide to solving common issues in DroneDeploy. If this is your first flight, please see our initial setup guide.

Top two issues:

  1. If the checklist passes, but the drone won't take off, make sure you're on the latest version of firmware and have Multiple Flight Mode enabled in DJI GO.

  2. If the camera check fails, format your SD card in DJI GO.


The DJI GO app

The GO app is great for debugging issues. If the drone won't takeoff in our app, give the GO app a try to see if there are any strange warnings or calibrations required. However, make sure the DJI GO app is closed while running DroneDeploy. Only one app can have access to the drone at a time- having both apps open will mean neither app works. Please make sure to close GO if using DroneDeploy and vice versa.

Firmware and Settings


Most errors are caused by incorrect firmware on the aircraft.

Please see our Firmware Troubleshooting guide to check your firmware version and ensure that you have the latest firmware available.

To learn how to upgrade the firmware on your DJI drone, please see here.

You can see what needs updating from the DJI Go app.

Please be sure that you have the correct settings enabled in DJI GO app

Within Advanced Settings in the GO app:
Enable Multiple Flight Mode should be on
Enable IOC should be off

The correct settings for DroneDeploy compatibility in the DJI GO App.

Camera check fails

Try to improve the remote control signal.

If that does not work, open the DJI GO app and:

  1. Check for warnings.
  2. Try a test photo.
  3. Try formatting the SD card.
  4. Make sure exposure mode is set to Auto (or that Auto settings are disabled in DroneDeploy)
  5. Try with a different, empty SD card.

App is constantly stuck at “waiting for drone”

In the DJI GO app:
-Check that there are no warnings and that you can take a photo.
-Close the GO app, unplug the USB, reconnect via USB, and choose DroneDeploy from the popup.

Synched plans are not showing up while offline

Please be sure that you've followed the setup procedure for Desktop Planning and Flying Offline.
Please note that synched plans will not show up unless you are in the area specified for the plan. This means that if you're in your office, and your synched plan is 20 miles away, it will not show up in offline mode until you are closer to the area of interest.

App is stuck at “connected to Inspire/P3”

The app is waiting to detect at least 7 satellites. Please restart your remote controller to improve signal, or move to another location with a clear view of the sky if possible.

App asking to switch the switch to ‘F’ mode.

Check that your drone is in the correct mode, make sure you are on the correct firmware version, and re enter the app.

Failed to set waypoints

Check that you have the correct firmware version, and that the USB connection between your device and drone remote controller is secure.

All my photos are over/under exposed.

You can manually adjust the camera settings: when connected to the drone,click the bottom left cog and turn on “disable auto camera settings”.

Click on the cog to adjust your flight settings.

Please note: If you choose to do this, you will need to set the camera settings in the DJI Go app before each flight.

You can manually adjust the camera settings in the DJI GO app.

For further questions, please search help topics on our forum , or contact [email protected] .

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Troubleshooting for Inspire

Common issues and suggestions for using the DroneDeploy mobile app.

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