Understanding resolution

Resolution varies with your DroneDeploy plan.

Please see our pricing page for more information on the different subscription levels and the maximum 2D resolution per plan.

Resolution is the level of detail achieved per pixel in your map. Though several factors affect map resolution, it is most dependent on the quality of your images and the altitude of your mission.

Mapping Techniques

Refer to our guide to Making Successful Maps to improve your flight skills in order to generate the best possible data.

Below, we've presented the same map at different resolutions for comparison.

Parking Lot Example

Map Details

Type of drone: DJI Phantom 3 Pro
Altitude: 60 m/ 180 ft above ground level
Number of images: 271 images
Achieved resolution: 2.6 cm/pixel

You can explore the map overall in this inset, but below, we'll focus on the parking lot in order to compare distinguishable details at different zoom levels.

Below are the [exported orthomosaics](https://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/exporting-your-data)** at different levels of resolution.

Native resolution: 2.6 cm/pixel

2D map at a 2.6 cm/pixel resolution

2D map at a 2.6 cm/pixel resolution

The lettering and symbols are highly legible.


2D map at a 5 cm/pixel resolution

2D map at a 5 cm/pixel resolution

The letters and symbols above are legible, but less detailed than at native resolution.


2D map at a 20 cm/pixel resolution

2D map at a 20 cm/pixel resolution

The words are no longer distinguishable, but some symbols are recognizable.

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