Planning a Panorama Flight

Create a New Flight Plan

First, create a new Panorama flight plan within your project. You can find this option under "New Flight Template" in your flight plan dropdown.


Panorama feature is currently only available on iOS devices

Please visit the Supported Devices guide for a list of compatible iOS mobile and tablet devices.

Panorama Flight Plan

Panorama flights fly the drone to a set perch point to take all images necessary to create an immersive spherical panorama. This will average 26 photos taken at all angles around the drone.

Currently, you may only take one panorama per mission.

Panorama Flight

Panorama flight supports DroneDeploy's standard pre-flight checklist before flight. Once in flight the drone will fly to the planned location, take images, and return to land.

Image recording will not start until the drone reaches the perch point for the panorama.

Several drones and cameras are less capable of producing high quality spherical panoramas. Due to this, panorama flights are not compatible with the following drones and cameras.

Incompatible Drones

  • Phantom 3
  • Inspire 1
  • Mavic Air

Incompatible Cameras

  • All thermal cameras (e.g. XT1 and XT2)
  • All 3rd Party Cameras
  • DJI Zenmuse X7

Uploading Panoramas

Once the flight is complete, your photos need to be uploaded to DroneDeploy to be processed into a completed panorama.

Upload, processing, and hosting is available for Business and Enterprise only.

We recommend using mobile upload as an easy way to gather the correct photos and upload without checking your SD card. Desktop upload is always available.

You will receive an email when your panorama is finished processing and ready to view!


For better quality and experience, we recommend viewing your Panorama's on the Desktop version of our app instead of on the mobile device.

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Planning a Panorama Flight

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