Organization Payment Structure

If you have a Business or Enterprise account with DroneDeploy, you can now add additional members to your plan.

Each new member will inherit all the functionality of your existing plan and will be charged as you add users to your account at a price and length dictated by your existing plan. Please read on for more details.

Enterprise Plans

Enterprise customers will have contracted for a number of member licenses up front. Adding additional members for these account types will not incur any additional charges automatically, so please go ahead and do so as needed. Any members over the contracted limit can be discussed with your Account Manager as appropriate.

Business Plans

When you add a user to these subscription plans, you'll be pro-rated immediately for the user for the remainder of the billing period. Adding additional Business users will cost $2999 per year for each user.

Transferring a member licence to a new person

If you would like to transfer a user license to another person, please contact our support team

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