Dashboard Organization with Projects

Now that you've experienced the new Project interface, you may want to begin organizing your existing data into projects.

There are four main actions you can perform to organize your data:

  • Convert a completed map to a project
  • Move a map or progress photo report into a project
  • Convert a folder to a project
  • Group nearby items into a project

Shared projects will display as folders for users that do not have the Project interface enabled

Please note that shared users will see the project displayed as a folder, rather than as a project, unless they, too, have the Projects interface enabled.

Convert a Plan to a Project

Do you want to create a project for a location you've already mapped? Converting a completed map to a project is a great way to do that. Just click the three button menu next to a completed map and select "Convert to Project". To avoid making duplicate projects in the same location, we recommend first checking to see if a project already exists for that location.

Move a Map or Progress Photo Report into a Project

The process of moving a map or progress photo report into a project works in the same way as moving plans and maps into folders. Just go to the item on that dashboard that you want to move into a project, click the three dot menu and select ‘Move to Project’.

Then select the destination project. Be sure to select a project that is in the same location.

Convert a Folder to a Project

This is a great option for moving your data into the projects interface if you've already organized your project data into folders. Just click the three button menu next to the folder and select the option to "Convert to a project".

Folders cannot be converted to a project unless all maps within it are in the same place

If you don't see the option to convert your folder to a project, don't be alarmed. Because projects are meant to organize data in the same location, we have intentionally disabled the option to convert to a project for folders that contain data in multiple different locations. Just go through the folder and make sure to remove any items that aren't in the same location, and then try again to convert the folder to a project.

Removing a Map from a Project

Sometimes you might accidentally move a map into the wrong project or simply change the way your projects are organized. You can move a map from one project to the other or delete it entirely by clicking the info button next to that map and going to the map details page.

From there, you can either delete the map, or choose to move it to another project.

If you choose to move the map to another project, you can then select from a list of nearby projects to move it into.

Project Suggestions

Migrating projects can be tedious. So we have created a tool to suggest which groupings of plans and maps you might want to make into a project.

When you select a plan or map, you will get a suggestion to review nearby items to group and convert to a project in bulk.

You can review the items and select the ones you want to include or exclude.

When you convert the items to a project, you have a few seconds to undo the action.

Dashboard Organization with Projects

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