Camera Filters for NDVI mapping

Background Information

There are various modified cameras with filters to capture specific bands of light such as near-infrared, green, blue, and red. Plant health is assessed by applying algorithms to combine these bands.

Please select the right color band order that is specific to the filter in your camera.

Source: Peau Productions (link: http://www.mapir.camera/products/mapir-camera-ndvi-blue-nir)Source: Peau Productions (link: http://www.mapir.camera/products/mapir-camera-ndvi-blue-nir)

Source: Peau Productions (link: http://www.mapir.camera/products/mapir-camera-ndvi-blue-nir)

Filter Type

You can choose the appropriate filter under Plant Health by clicking the histogram to select the right color band order that is specific to the filter in the camera.

Below are the list of band orders available:

  • RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
  • NRG (Near Infrared, Red, Green)
  • NGB (Near Infrared, Green, Blue)
  • RGN (Red, Green, Near Infrared)
  • NB (Near Infrared, Blue)
  • NG (Near Infrared, Green)
Choose the right color band orderChoose the right color band order

Choose the right color band order

How do I find correct filter type?

Please verify the band order with the company you purchased the filter from.

Aerial Media Pros

If you're using a converted camera from Aerial Media Pros, choose RGN for filter type.

Standard combination for AMP camera.Standard combination for AMP camera.

Standard combination for AMP camera.

Below are two examples of manufacturers website providing camera filter type information:

1. MAPIR NB Camera

Source: MAPIR (link: https://www.mapir.camera/products/mapir-camera-ndvi-blue-nir)Source: MAPIR (link: https://www.mapir.camera/products/mapir-camera-ndvi-blue-nir)

Source: MAPIR (link: https://www.mapir.camera/products/mapir-camera-ndvi-blue-nir)

Link to the MAPIR website here.

2. Ebee NGB Camera

Source: SenseFly (link: https://www.sensefly.com/drones/accessories.html)Source: SenseFly (link: https://www.sensefly.com/drones/accessories.html)

Source: SenseFly (link: https://www.sensefly.com/drones/accessories.html)

There are many more cameras so please be sure to ask the manufacturer for further information on the correct filter type.

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Camera Filters for NDVI mapping

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