DroneDeploy and the Mavic Air 2

Flying with the Mavic Air 2

DroneDeploy is committed to maintaining the latest DJI drone support. While we support the latest versions of the DJI SDK known to work with Mavic Air 2, waypoint missions are disabled via DJI firmware on Mavic Air 2.

Because of this, flight apps such as DroneDeploy, and even DJI’s own apps, do not allow for waypoint missions. As a result, users cannot fly autonomous missions with the Mavic Air 2 on the DroneDeploy App. At this time we cannot recommend the Mavic Air 2 for use with DroneDeploy flight.

Some other flight apps may support Mavic Air 2 flight planning using a “virtual sticks” approach. We have not found “virtual sticks” to be sufficiently reliable for commercial use cases and at this time we cannot recommend them.

If you wish to utilize DroneDeploy’s flight app we recommend using one of the following supported drones.

Processing with the Mavic Air 2

The processing of imagery captured from the Mavic Air 2 is fully supported with DroneDeploy. If you have datasets from Mavic Air 2 you may upload and process normally.

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DroneDeploy and the Mavic Air 2

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