Zone Management

Our Grid and Zones tools make your Plant Health map more insightful.

Understanding Grid & Zones

Your Plant Health map may be as detailed as a few centimeters per pixel. Management zones make the highly detailed agricultural maps into more manageable datasets by grouping similar regions (either geographically or visually) within a field. Categorizing your area of interest according to a range of values can lead to better understanding of overall crop health.

Use the DroneDeploy Grid & Zones tool to:

  • Designate ranges of "healthy" and "unhealthy" according to your own knowledge of your field
  • Ground truth more effectively
  • Sample areas that are meaningful within your outside software


Access to Grid and Zones

All DroneDeploy paid customers on Pro, Business, or Enterprise accounts are able to use these tools on their Plant Health maps.

Using Grid and Zones

Follow the steps below to access DroneDeploy agricultural management tools.

1. Click the histogram under Plant Health

Regular NDVI map of a farm

This will expand the histogram to bring up more options.

2. Turning ON Grid

The Grid option converts the NDVI map into square pixels of roughly 50 ft.

Grid feature ON

3. Turning ON Zones

This tool turns your map into three regions. You can tune the range of index values according to your crop or requirements by moving the blue dots on the slider. This should be done in conjunction with ground-truthing to ensure that the results are consistent with what's happening in the field.

Zones feature ON

4. Turning ON Zones + Grid

With selecting both zone and grid option, you get grid of 3 zones. Again, you can tune the range under histogram to reflect right crop and variability.

Grid and Zone feature ON

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Zone Management

Our Grid and Zones tools make your Plant Health map more insightful.

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