Shapefile Exports

Integrating DroneDeploy into your standard workflows.

Why should I use shapefile exports?

Your DroneDeploy data is stored in pixels rather than as a set of shapes. This is appropriate for various remote sensing applications. However, many precision agriculture software packages use information stored as a set of shapes rather than pixels.


What is a shapefile?

A shapefile (.shp) is a simple data format that stores the location, shape, and relationships of objects within a geographic area.

Exporting your map as a shapefile simplifies the data present and allows you to easily integrate the data into outside software.

Shapefiles segment data in a way that can be meaningfully interpreted by a program or equipment. This is the difference between telling your tractor that "the NDVI value of this 50cm area is .25 on a scale of 0 to 1" versus "this 30-acre​ area needs X amount of nitrogen based on its NDVI value compared to the rest of my field."


Accessing shapefiles

Shapefile exports are available for data processed while on a Business or Enterprise account.

Shapefiles are especially useful when subcategorizing a larger area. To do so, please refer to Zone Management.

How do I generate a shapefile export on DroneDeploy?

Shapefile exports are available for:

Plant Health: subcategorize your data into meaningful units.

Elevation Toolbox: The Digital Surface Model can be exported as contours.

1. Select the 2d layer you would like to export

For Plant Health maps, make sure to select the right min and max bounds under the histogram.

2. Select 'Export' on the new datapage

4. Select 'Shapefile' as the 'File Type'

4. Press Export!

You will get an email shortly after with a link to download the map in shapefile format.

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Shapefile Exports

Integrating DroneDeploy into your standard workflows.

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