How to View Imagery in QGIS

Export your Data

Follow the Exporting your Data guide, and request an orthomosaic export. You can choose a GeoTIFF or a JPG export for this purpose.

Use the file extraction method of your choice and extract the orthomosaic from the zipfile.



Most modern operating systems have extraction tools built-in.

With the imagery extracted, itโ€™s time to open QGIS Desktop

To View imagery in QGIS

  1. Click Add Raster Layer from the sidebar or the right,
  2. navigate to the exported image on the Browser Panel to right-click and Add Layer.

Pretty simple, huh? You'll notice that we've added our field boundary from the browser panel as well, and it all lines up!


Psst... Here's a Pro-Tip!

Want to add background imagery from the web? Check out the QGIS OpenLayers Plugin!

Updated 2 years ago

How to View Imagery in QGIS

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