Flying Offline

Our app for DJI drones allows you to plan a mission ahead of time on your desktop and fly later from the mobile app, online or offline.

Assuming you have created plans ahead of time using the instructions outlined in Planning Flights on DroneDeploy.com, this guide outlines your options for flying in areas with no internet connectivity.

1. While connected to the internet on the mobile app (iOS or Android), navigate to your flight plan and right click on the drop-down. Then, click Make Available Offline.

Alternatively, you can toggle on the "Make Available Offline" toggle inside the planning screen.

Download Base Map

Please wait until the base map download completes and reaches 100%.

3. Now the plan is "Available Offline" on your dashboard and ready to be used without internet connection.

Plan a Flight Over an Existing Map

If you are in an area with low internet connectivity or poor/dated satellite coverage and you have already mapped that area before, you can use the DroneDeploy App Market's "Plan Flight Over an Existing Map" app. Once you download the app and are in the Flight Planning stage, you can toggle "Use Existing Maps as a Baselayer". This app allows you to display your existing maps as a base layer while planning your missions.

Toggle on "Use Existing maps as a baselayer"

Toggle on "Use Existing maps as a baselayer"