Planning Flights on DroneDeploy.com

Below are the instructions to plan a flight on DroneDeploy.com on your desktop computer prior to flight.

Browser compatibility

Please note that full functionality for DroneDeploy is best on Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Safari works but can sometimes cause issues.

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are the most inconsistent. They are not recommended for use with DroneDeploy.

Shapefile Planning

These instructions will guide you through planning based off an address or a locations name. If you would like to plan a mission based off a shapefile instead, please see shapefile planning

1. Open www.DroneDeploy.com in your browser, and log in. This will take you to your dashboard. Navigate to the blue + icon on the lower right-hand corner of your dashboard, then select Plan a flight.

An automatic plan based on your location will be populated by default. If you would like to change the location, click on Search

Enter the location or address you want to map.

The selected option will be highlighted in blue.

The selected option will be highlighted in blue.

You can also zoom out and drag the map to find the location. Then navigate to the top of your map and select PLAN HERE. A planning box will appear.

Once your location is updated, you have a few options to edit in the Advanced Settings:

  • Sidelap: the percentage of overlap between each leg of flight. Increasing sidelap generally increases your chances of a good quality map.

  • Frontlap: the percentage of overlap between one image and the next. Increasing frontlap has minimal effect on flight duration and can increase your chance of making a successful map.

  • Starting Waypoint: the first waypoint that will be flown on your mission.

  • Manual Camera Settings: Unless otherwise specified, the automatic settings from DJI GO will be retained in the DroneDeploy app. You can toggle on the exposure and/or the focus setting to adjust the camera settings in DJI GO.

When you are satisfied with your settings, choose the Save button in the lower right.

Once you save the map, it will appear on your dashboard.

By clicking on the drop down to the right of the mission name, you have to option to make a copy, move to a folder, share, or delete the map.

Once your area is ready, navigate to your plans in the DroneDeploy mobile app and connect to fly!

Planning flights offline

Plan on mobile

To plan a flight offline, please plan a flight within the DroneDeploy mobile app. Once the map is created and saved using the same blue icon as above, you can connect a drone to fly offline or online.