Custom Projection Systems


Sites and surveys are often in a specific coordinate system to make measurements more accurate and comply with standards set for the site.

DroneDeploy now allows users to export their GeoTIFFs in a custom coordinate system based on EPSG codes.

Accessing Custom Projections

Custom EPSG projections are available on Business, or Enterprise subscriptions.

1. Find your EPSG code

EPSG codes are unique identifiers describing the desired projection; the EPSG code for almost any projection can be found at the Spatial Reference Organization's website.

First, choose See existing EPSG Codes: 4326

Choose a location using the search bar in the upper right:

Select from the suggested codes based on your area.

Make note of the EPSG code corresponding to your map.

2. Select the 2d layer you would like to export

For Elevation or Plant Health maps, make sure to select the right min and max bounds under the histogram. (For more information on selecting advanced export options, please see here).

3. Select 'Export'

4. Select 'Custom' as the 'Map Projection'

5. Enter the EPSG Code from Step 1

6. Press Export!

You will get an email shortly after with a link to download the map in specified EPSG projection.

Known Issues

We're looking into hosting the EPSG database to allow users to easily look up​ the codes and select them from a list - this will be coming in the next few months!

Custom Projection Systems