Crystal Sky

Flying with DJI's Crystal Sky

DroneDeploy on Crystal Sky Devices

You can use DroneDeploy with these devices using the following simple hardware modifications. Unfortunately, the DJI Crystal SKY monitors do not support the necessary services to install and run the DroneDeploy app directly.

M210 / Inspire 2 with Cendance controller

If you have the Cendence Controller, you can replace the Crystal Sky mounting bracket with this Mobile device holder from DJI. This neatly holds your mobile device, which you can connect as normal via the USB socket.

Inspire 2/Cendence Remote Controller Mobile Device Holder

Phantom 4 Pro Plus (& v2.0)

You can replace the Phantom 4 Plus controller (with monitor) for one with a mobile device mount. Once delivered, you simply need to pair the new controller with the drone and you'll be ready to fly with DroneDeploy.

NOTE: You can only use one controller at a time to fly the P4P.

Controller for the Phantom 4 Pro (without monitor)

Controller for the Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 (without monitor)

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Crystal Sky

Flying with DJI's Crystal Sky

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