Creating a New Project

Creating a project is the first step in the process of creating and analyzing data within DroneDeploy. A project organizes all data associated with a particular project location, and it makes it easy for you to find the data you’re looking for, re-fly the same location and share project maps and reports.

Create a New Project

It's easy to create a Project -- just click the "New Project" button the dashboard.

Then search for your project's location.

Enable location services on your mobile device or in your browser settings to automatically populate your current location.

Center the map beneath the icon and click the "Create project here" button.

And finally, give your project a name.

Once you create a site, you will be taken to flight planning so that you can plan your first flight for that project. If you already have a dataset to upload, you may also go straight to the upload tab to create your first map.

Updated 12 months ago

Creating a New Project

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