Automated GCP Detection - Ground Control AI

What is Ground Control AI?

Thanks to advances in machine learning and computer vision, DroneDeploy is now able to automatically locate and tag GCP targets in your mapping images, saving you time and improving map accuracy.

How do I use it?

There are no additional steps on your end in order to enable Ground Control AI, as we'll be rolling the feature out gradually as an assistant. You will see new messaging in your processing emails that explains how many of your markers were tagged automatically. You retain full control to replace or edit the GCP marker positions, or you can simply submit the automatic tags to process your map.

Which Marker types are supported?

Ground Control AI supports checkerboard and high contrast "cross" designs. Laying targets like these will enable the automated tagging assistant to do it's work.

How can I improve it?

Thank you to everyone who is making GCP maps with DroneDeploy. By tagging the GCP targets in your images, you are providing valuable training data that can make Ground Control AI smarter and faster. The tool will never be able to match every type of target in every situation, but by correcting targets that the assistant gets wrong, and accepting targets that it gets right, you will improve the performance for everyone.

Can I opt out?

If you do not want to be part of the Ground Control AI feature, you are able to opt out by contacting the support team.

Automated GCP Detection - Ground Control AI

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