Auto Exports

Auto Exports can be set on a project-level basis. This will save your entire team from manually requesting standard exports after each and every map has completed processing. This allows your team to have actionable data as quickly as possible!


Not all files and file sizes are supported for every integration

You can find the official support chart here


Auto Export Availability

Configuring Auto Exports is available to Enterprise-level administrators. Your organization must own a Project in order to add Auto Exports to it.

Please reach out to your Account Executive, or email [email protected], if you'd like to add this feature to your account.

Navigate to Auto Exports for a Project

Once you configure an Auto Export for a project, each and every time a new map completes processing within that project, an export under your chosen settings will automatically trigger without any further action needed.

To create a new Auto Export, select the 'Export' menu in the bottom left-hand side of your screen:

Next, click on the 'AUTO' tab:

Or, you can access the Auto Exports menu by clicking on the project settings gear at the top right-hand side of your screen:

After that, click on the arrow to the right of 'Auto Exports':

Configure a New Auto Export

You'll then be ready to prepare a new Auto Export configuration by choosing 'Create New':

Next, you'll choose your export parameters. This is the same window used for manual exports.

You can add email addresses to the first text box if you would like them to receive an email when the export has completed. You can select your Layer, File Type, Projection, Single vs Tiled Image, and your Resolution

Press 'Next' when you are ready to proceed with your export destination:

Choose Auto Export Destination

Currently, you can choose between 4 main Auto Export Destinations. Click on any of the following links to navigate to the specific instructions for your integration:

  1. Local Download to your Computer
  2. Plangrid
  3. OneDrive / OneDrive for Business
  4. Bluebeam

Organization Level Auto-Exports

Enterprise customers are able to "promote" project Auto Exports to be used for every project in their account.

For example, if you need a Geotiff export of every map you produce, for archival storage, or to run a machine learning model against, you may want to ensure every map your team creates appears in a particular folder in OneDrive or Amazon AWS.

Promote your Auto Export by clicking the : menu, then "Use on all projects":


Global and Local Coordinate systems

Usually, exports at the organization level should use global projections and coordinate systems like WGS84 or Web Mercator, unless all of your projects are in the same UTM region or State Plane coordinate system.

If you need organization Auto-Exports to be "smarter" - for example, choose the local UTM zone, please ask your Customer Success Manager to put you in touch with our product team.

Manual Exports

Once you have an auto export setup, you can manually run the export by pressing the "Run" option in the overflow menu.

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Auto Exports

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