API Pagination

For our all of our APIs which return a list of results the response will be paged.

To load the next page of results, you will need to use the Link header in the response. For example, for /v2/plans, the Link header will look somewhat like this:

Link: <https://public-api.dronedeploy.com/v2/plans/?page_start=1473784311109&api_key=f78b0a0d66274fd5a8684c49deb9d83d&limit=50>; rel="next"

Use the URL in this link header for fetching the next page. Below is an example script to page through all Plans and print their log and status:

import sys
import json

import requests

API_KEY = "<api_key goes here>"

next_url = "https://public-api.dronedeploy.com/v2/plans/?api_key={}".format(API_KEY)
plans = []

while next_url:
    resp = requests.get(next_url)
    if resp.ok:
        plans += resp.json()
        # Get the next page link from the Link header. See https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5988
        next_url = resp.links.get('next', {}).get('url')
        print "Request failed with {}".format(resp.status_code)

for p in plans:
    print "Log: {}, Status: {}".format(
            p['log'], p['latest_started_map']['user_status'])

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API Pagination

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