API Pagination

For our all of our APIs which return a list of results the response will be paged.

To load the next page of results, you will need to use the Link header in the response. For example, for /v2/plans, the Link header will look somewhat like this:

Link: <https://public-api.dronedeploy.com/v2/plans/?page_start=1473784311109&api_key={api_key}&limit=50>; rel="next"

Use the URL in this link header for fetching the next page. Below is an example script to page through all Plans and print their log and status:

import sys
import json

import requests

API_KEY = "<api_key goes here>"

next_url = "https://public-api.dronedeploy.com/v2/plans/?api_key={}".format(API_KEY)
plans = []

while next_url:
    resp = requests.get(next_url)
    if resp.ok:
        plans += resp.json()
        # Get the next page link from the Link header. See https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5988
        next_url = resp.links.get('next', {}).get('url')
        print "Request failed with {}".format(resp.status_code)

for p in plans:
    print "Log: {}, Status: {}".format(
            p['log'], p['latest_started_map']['user_status'])


REST API Announcement

The REST APIs in this documentation are our legacy APIs and no longer under active development. Please go to our API explorer page and our developer page for our new more capable GraphQL based APIs.

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API Pagination

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