Ag Tools

3rd party analytical tools for providing greater insights from DroneDeploy maps

During the first few weeks after sowing seeds, growers typically conduct a manual stand count on a small portion of their field to know how many of the sown seeds roughly emerged into a healthy plant. This is very useful information to decide if they should reseed or get an estimate of the yield (based on number of plants).

Now, we have partnered with 3rd party companies such as Aglytix and AgriSens to bring computer vision based stand count analysis to your DroneDeploy maps.

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We found a great video from AgPhD about the importance of Stand Counts.

Corn and Soy Stand Establishment by Aglytix

Aglytix is an Ag focused analytics-on-demand company based in Mankato, Minnesota. They’ve developed a new analytical Solver that takes your DroneDeploy map of emergent corn or soybeans and creates an economic shape file that details crop emergence throughout the field. So, rather than evaluating stand establishment by painstaking on-the-ground sampling that only gives you a partial picture of what’s going on in your field, the new tool from Aglytix allows you to get an accurate classification of your entire field.

The analysis calculates the economic loss on the field and offers the opportunity to take preventive or corrective actions to mitigate seed emergence issues.

Output includes detailed stand gap mapping, a PDF report highlighting the economic impact and zoned shapefile that you can use to make better decisions about where to more effectively apply nutrients and stop applying nitrogen and other inputs to areas where no crop has emerged. Just this action could result in significant savings to your input costs.

The sample output shown highlights that loss of emergence on an irrigated corn field showing clearly a zone where a different hybrid was planted with unsatisfactory results. This field had a $7,000 loss of emergence due to poor hybrid placement which will enable the grower to make better decisions in the future and in season to better apply nutrients to where they are best utilized.

Stand Establishment Report

It's recommended to use the stand establishment report for corn and soy.

Download a sample Aglytix report!

Click here to download.

Row Crop Plant Counter by Agremo (formerly AgriSens)

Agremo Plant Counter counts particular plants on the scanned area and outputs a PDF report with number of plants and other seeding details if available.

Download a sample Agremo report!

Click here to download.

Requesting a Report

To run a 3rd party analysis and order a report, please follow these instructions.

1. Select the App Market icon in your dashboard

2. Search Agriculture apps and install according to your needs

3. Read the requirements carefully

Please read these carefully and ensure that your map meets these criteria before you try any of the two plan counting tools.

Minimum Resolution

2.5 cm/px


Early Season (30-45 days after planting)

Recommended Flight Altitude to obtain 2.5 cm/px

For DJI Phantom 3, 4 and Inspire with X3 camera, we recommend to fly at 200 ft to capture high-resolution imagery for conducting stand counts.

What you can see is what computer can count

General rule of thumb is if you can't roughly spot the individual plants in your final stitched map, then its likely a computer software can't either. Keep this in mind before you run plant counting tools.

Example of acceptable maps from AgriSens

Example of acceptable maps from AgriSens

Acceptable Stitched Map Example provided by Aglytix

Acceptable Stitched Map Example provided by Aglytix

Stand Imagery Example provided by Aglytix

Stand Imagery Example provided by Aglytix

4. Input the required data for accurate analysis

Required Input
AgriSens Plant Counter
Aglytix Stand Count

Map Type


RGB Only

Crop Type


(Corn or Soybean)

Soil Type

Not Required (but desirable) Aeolian sand, Fertile soil, Brown forest soil, Vertisol, Alluvial soil, Red soil

Not Required

Plant per acre (PPA)

Not Required but desirable


Growth stage

Not Required but desirable


Row Width

Not Required


5. Press the 'Run Application' button

It may take between 24 to 36 hours to process the analysis and deliver you report. We will send you an email notification when its ready to download.

Pricing & Payments

Pricing for Ag tools are set by the 3rd party and is listed under the description. Most tools offer free trial reports!


We will charge for the these tools per use on a monthly basis. We are committed to providing you great product experience so we will only charge you for successful and valuable report.

Ag Tools

3rd party analytical tools for providing greater insights from DroneDeploy maps