Adding Additional Images to a Map

There may be situations where you would like to add more images to your existing DroneDeploy map. For example:

  • If you've used the Point of Interest tool in DJI GO to capture additional​ images for 3D modeling.
  • If you have captured additional imagery to improve your map quality.
  • If the flight did not sync to your Dashboard.

Following the steps below will restart processing of your map. Please note that the maximum number of images per map varies according to your DroneDeploy plan.

1. Download images to your computer


Duplicate File Names

If you are combining flights, be sure that the file names are not the same as your previous set of images. For example, DJI drones automatically restart numbering at 1000 images.

2. Open your DroneDeploy.com dashboard

Be sure to navigate to a web browser rather than the DroneDeploy mobile app. Search for the Project your map is within using the search bar. Then click on that project.

Navigate using the arrow at the top of your project to view the map you would like to add additional images for. Make sure you press the Explore option at the top of your dashboard. Then click on the map details button as seen below.

3. Press the Add More Images Button

Press the "Add More Images" button.

4. Select the New Images to Upload

Press the "Select Photos" button.

Then Select the folder that contains your images. Select all images and click Open


Review the Boundary

Always review your boundary line to ensure it includes the entire expected processing area before submitting the new images. Crop geometry has been known to interfere with processing before so it is important to review this before submitting your additional images.

4. Click Upload Images

Once you've completed the steps above, your map will restart processing with the full new images included. You will receive a new email when the map completes.

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Adding Additional Images to a Map

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