We'd like to invite you to try 3D flight mode, designed to help you generate more accurate and beautiful 3D models. It’s available to try in DroneDeploy now and replaces Orbit Mode in flight planning.

What is 3D mode?

3D mode captures oblique images from the perimeter of your mission plan, facing towards the center of your subject and being careful not to include the horizon in the shots.This means it will often capture more useful context and sharper corners than our existing “Orbit Mode”.

​## How do I turn it on?

To turn it on, open DroneDeploy, tap settings, then at the bottom, DroneDeploy Labs. Here you’ll find 3D mode. It’s designed for recent DJI Drones, since the Phantom 4.

Once enabled, you can turn on 3D mode when planning each flight, under advanced settings:

When flying the perimeter, the drone will take 20 images, at between 60 and 50 degrees down, looking towards the centroid of the map area.

3D Mode

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