Frequently Asked Questions

What is DroneDeploy?

DroneDeploy is the easiest and fastest solution to build aerial maps and models.

You can think of our service as having two components:

1) Flight automation and data capture
Customers flying DJI drones can capture imagery using the DroneDeploy mobile app. This will simplify flight planning as well as ensure appropriate coverage and overlap of imagery.

Download our iOS or Android App for free, and see our Initial Setup for DJI drones guide to get ready for your first flight:

DroneDeploy iOS app on the App Store

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DroneDeploy Android app on Google Play
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2) Data processing and analysis
Process data from your DroneDeploy flight, or use Map Engine to process imagery from any drone.

Does DroneDeploy work outside the USA?

Yes. The DroneDeploy mobile app for DJI drones is available in over 120 countries, and data processing is available internationally. To process data captured with non-DJI drones, please see How to Process Existing Datasets.

I don't have any experience with drones. Can I still build aerial maps?

Yes! DroneDeploy can be used by anyone who knows how to use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with no additional training needed.

How does it all work?

DroneDeploy connects your drone to the internet, allowing for powerful and sophisticated servers in the cloud to plan your flight, run safety checks, and crunch massive amounts of visual data.

Does DroneDeploy work only with its own custom drones?

No. In fact, we don't manufacture drones at all. We've designed our software to be compatible with any drone.

How do I set up DroneDeploy for the first time?

Please visit What Do I Need to Start Mapping?

Frequently Asked Questions